DRAGONFLY Consultation, Counselling & Research  was co-founded by Raegan Elizabeth and Toni Tilston-Jones.

Toni has since created and operates Resurgence Consulting and Raegan continues to own, operate and grow Dragonfly!

The DRAGONFLY team is also comprised of associates, specializing in various areas in the human services, who work with DRAGONFLY Consultation, Counselling & Research on contract and project basis.
Raegan Elizabeth - Therapist

My life practices at home, at work and everywhere in between, are guided by and grounded in my values: social justice, anti-oppression, reflexivity,  love and compassion.

My intention is to live from a learning stance, remaining sensitive, curious, open and honouring difference and fluidity.  I strive to honour and acknowledge my own experience and those of others, what happens and what "we" are. "We" being the distinct and diverse relationships, processes and experiences created each time a "you" and "I" come together.

My work is value and goal-driven. Considering and caring for all individuals, groups, systems and structures. My practice goals include: transparency, confidence, direction, honesty, accountability, asking questions and being comfortable with not knowing answers.

My work and areas of interest include:

Counselling/therapy with individuals, couples, families and groups

Group learning forums (i.e. training and development)

Program development

Program Evaluation

Organization development

Clinical supervision/consultation

Systems collaboration


Policy development & implementation


Please email me at Raegan@dragonflyccr.com if you have any questions or would like more information.

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